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I live on an organic farm near the sea on the south coast of NSW Australia.  My world is full of natural sound – the song of the wind, the cackle of kookaburras, the harsh cry of the red tailed black cockatoo: at night the chatter of sugar gliders, the call of the whistling tree frog and the whisper of the sea.

_NaidocTH%20(2).jpgI  have travelled widely in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, working with and learning from musicians along the way.

I create original music that draws inspiration from the sounds and cycles of nature and celebrates the diversity of human culture.   In my ritualistic, dramatic, visually appealing performances I draw on sources from the Stone Age to the New Millenium and play many instruments like the awesome Syrinx trumpet shell, primordial eagle bone flute, ethereal shakuhachi, amazing double flute, hypnotic 12-string guitar.   Often my performances evoke a strong emotional response from the audience.

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